This Weekend Only at Genna Pizza and Genna Pizza Express!

Get ready for some sizzling deals!

Genna Pizza: 321-242-3003
Genna Pizza Express (Viera): 321-462-4020

Special 1: Grab a 14″ one-topping pizza and 10 jumbo wings for just $25! Perfect for a Super game!

Special 2: Score 50 Jumbo Wings for only $45! That’s right, fifty wings to satisfy your cravings!

Special 3: Indulge in 2 large 18″ one-topping pizzas, 10 jumbo wings, and a 2-liter drink for only $50! The ultimate game day experience!

Special 4: Go all out with 3x large 18″ one-topping pizzas, 30 jumbo wings, and a 2-liter of Coke for just $100! It’s a feast fit for the champion!

These specials are available THIS WEEKEND ONLY, so don’t miss out! Call us now to place your order or swing by Genna Pizza and Genna Pizza Express to enjoy these incredible deals!

Games and fun all weekend. Keep an eye out for some PIZZALOVE!